Afro Cameroon Investment Group


Afro Cameroon Investment Group

Afro Cameroon is rich in experience as far as investment is concern. We have a group of young and talented professionals, Investment professionals, they are good at Analyzing investment projects, investment projections, Implementation,Management and control of such projects, evaluation, reporting on a continual basis, for profitability purposes. AFRO CAMEROON, invest in Cameroon on behave of companies and individuals abroad wanting to invest and run projects in Cameroon in the following areas: AGRICULTURE, (farm plantations, Piggery and poultry ets). CONTRUCTION, commercial buildings, lands, equipments and any others property you want to acquire in Cameroon.

Our Role

Here, we shall carry out investments based strictly on your needs, manage projects following regulations from you, report on a continually basis up till when the owner deem fit to take over management or transfer power or come over and continue with project management. We shall always be there to serve.


Capital Investment Appraisal:

Afro carries out both long and short term capital investments. We partner with local and foreign companies to carry out specific project initiative investments in Cameroon and Cemac.

We have a number of profitable investment projects which we are seeking foreign partners abroad to come partner with us in the realization of these initiatives which shall be very profitable in the short and long run.

Examples of some initiatives we are currently working on include the following:
- Developing a cocoa plantation in the south west and south regions of the country, with a start up surface area of approximately 10 to 15 hectares of land and shall increase with time.
- Developing a Banana plantation in the south west and Mungo area in the littoral region. All with an estimated surface area of about 10 to 15 hectares space of land.
- A modern structured and scientific pig and pottery farms in the littoral region of Cameroon, with a start up about 10.000 to 15000 piglets and birds. Ets...
- Any other project which the investor may prefer investing in Cameroon.

Before investing in any lucrative project:

Afro carries out the following exercises:

- Market study: In the set product industry to find out the present markets situation and forecast future outcomes in other to be able to plan and make progress now and tomorrow.
- Investments, Capital investment appraisal exercises, Budget analysis, cash flow forecast and analysis and discounts at all levels in the coming 10 years.
- Assets investment appraisals decisions and rationing capital in sub budgets exercises.
- Uncertainty appraisals.
- All analysis will have to be carried out fully by our team of investment professionals in collaboration with some expert firms before the commencement of any project.
- On commencement of any activity, setting up of targeted objectives and goals, forming proactive strategies should be primordial not forgetting, monitoring, follow-up, controls, feedback and corrections during realization of projects.

AFRO is therefore calling on foreign investors; to come invest in Afro Cameroon or Invest in Cameroon through Afro Cameroon. Any foreign company willing to come invest in Afro Cameroon or in Cameroon should not hesitate to contact us.
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